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The Streets of Cairo
or the Poor Little Country Maid

Featured on the Dr. Demento Show
Also known as the "snake charmer" song. This melody has been borrowed in numerous songs and soundtracks for over 100 years! You'll notice that the main theme has been used in "Istanbul (not Constantinople)" (They Might Be Giants), "King Tut" (Steve Martin), and "Take It Off" (Ke$ha). Well, this is the Samuel Stokes recording of the original song by Sol Bloom and James Thornton.

Patrick McNally's

Featured on the Dr. Demento Show
You never know what sort of colorful characters you'll run into at old Patrick McNally's, but you're sure to find out in this rollicking Irish-inspired drinking song.

Kittens Wearing Funny Hats

This song is about someone that puts off doing any real work to look at pictures of cute cats on the internet all day long, and why not?

Math Book Tragedy

Featured on the Dr. Demento Show
We all know math teachers can be sadistic, but that's nothing compared to the people that write those word problems about fatal vehicular collisions.


Featured on the Dr. Demento Show
A perfect gift for your mother on Mother's Day! After all she deserves all kinds of gifts for putting up with your shenannigans!

You Talk Entirely Far Too Much

Featured on the Dr. Demento Show
We all know someone at work or school that is the least qualified person to speak on something, but just can't manage to keep their mouth shut to save their lives. This Tin Pan Alley style song is dedicated to those individuals.

He's a Douche

Americans sing a lot of traditional carols from Britain, without actually knowing what several of the terms such as "wassailing" or "figgy pudding" actually mean. Hopefully this song will clear that up a little bit.

A Multicultural Christmas for Us All

A satire on the many luke-warm attempts for inclusion that occur around the holiday season.

He's a Douche

This song is not necessarily about someone I know, but more about many persons I know. You probably know them, too.

I Hate Being Right All the Time

Don't you just hate being right all the time? If so, you can probably relate.

I'll Never Be the Girl of Your Dreams

Sometimes it's hard to get a romance off the ground. It's even more difficult when two friends like each other, but can never be more because of their orientations.

O Christmas Tree (This Song Has Many Versions)

Does anyone know the words to this song? I have five or six books of Christmas songs with different lyrics, probably because it is a translation of the German "O Tannenbaum." This is my tribute to the most confusing Christmas carol of all time.

Old Man of Peru

This is a musical setting of the limerick "Old Man of Peru" (who dreamt he was eating his shoe).


In this day and age, computers are a necessity of daily life. Help your children become more computer literate with this song. Kids learn their ABCs through song; why not teach them how to find the letters on the keyboard with a good catchy tune?

The Reindeer Boogie Woogie

Gee whiz, I mean they only work one solid night a year. What do they do the rest of the time? Well, these ones get down and boogie!

That's What She Said

Truly the most amazing single punchline in the history of the universe. It can change even the dullest moment into a laugh riot. A tribute to the anonymous person that invented this timeless phrase.

Zydeco Zebra

What would happen if a zebra escaped from the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans? Find out in this song!
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