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Robin Hood: A Troubadour's Tale is the latest musical by Sam Stokes. It is a fun, action-packed adventure, complete with romance, sword-fights, and sharp-witted characters. As a fan of Robin Hood since childhood, I put all of my passion for the timeless tale into writing the script and music for this show.

The name “Robin Hood” immediately evokes an image in people’s minds. Whether it is the image of a jovial roustabout with a thirst for adventure, a people’s hero who stands for what is right, or a chivalrous romantic figure, Robin Hood has for centuries had meaning for young and old, rich and poor, and male and female alike. Robin Hood: A Troubadour’s Tale breathes new life into an old classic with new characters and new music, while retaining all of the time-honored elements of adventure, humor, and romance that have made Robin Hood the timeless tale that it is. In this unique retelling of the Robin Hood legend, Robin faces the Sheriff of Nottingham along with two lethal new characters under his command. One is a bounty hunter in a battle with his own conscious, knowing that Robin is doing good, but also knowing that he must capture him in order to feed his own starving family. The other is a mysterious assassin who has studied martial arts of the East and the West, and will prove to be Robin's most deadly enemy yet. The story follows Robin of Locksley from his return as a wounded soldier from King Richard’s crusade to reclaim the holy land, to the rekindling of his love for Lady Marian, to the meeting of many eccentric characters including Much, the miller’s mischievous son, the stout Friar Tuck who enjoys food and wine a little more than a dignified man of the cloth probably should, the giant of a man and loyal friend Little John, and of course Alan-a-Dale the troubadour who recounts the tale with style and flair.

Interactive Script With Song Audio Files

The cast size for Robin Hood: A Troubadour's Tale includes 17 speaking roles plus extras.

Accompaniment options:
Piano only (accompaniment CD also available)
Small pit orchestra - coming soon
Full pit orchestra - coming soon
Other instrumentation possibilities may be available upon request at no extra cost (with royalty agreement)
Click here for the interactive script, with embedded audio of the songs.Click here for a script sample

To perform Robin Hood: A Troubadour's Tale, contact Sam Stokes for royalty information and perusal scripts, scores, and CDs.

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Musical Demo

List of Musical Numbers

estimated length 5 minutes

1. A Troubadour’s Tale – Alan-A-Dale

estimated length 50 minutes

2. It's Been So Long - Robin
3. Friar Tuck's Prayer - Tuck
4. I Remember - Henry
5. A David and Goliath Story - Alan-A-Dale, Ensemble
6. I Never Knew What Love Was - Marian
7. We’ll Stand Together – Robin, Ensemble
8. Edward's Soliloquy - Edward
9. Act I Finale – The Time is Drawing Near - Ensemble

estimated length 41 minutes

10. His Reign Has Now Begun – Sheriff
11. I Never Knew What Love Was (Duet) – Robin, Marian
12. Someday We Will Run – Alan-A-Dale
13. Guy’s Soliloquy - Guy
14. This is a Call – Robin, Ensemble
15. In the Merry Month of May – Alan-A-Dale, Ensemble
16. Our Last Stand – Alan-A-Dale
17. Act II Finale – A Song of Robin Hood - Ensemble

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